The Moon Life Clothing is the brainchild of artist and space cadet Nate Gonzalez (portfolio). Nate started designing in high school for his and his friends fun skateboarding t-shirt company, as well as punk and hardcore bands in his area, including his own. One of them was the hardcore, psychedelic rockers, Alarmed, who he was great friends with. As time goes by, they all graduated high school and Nate parted ways with his old crew to head to school for art. Immersing and indulging into psychedelic music culture and the art involved (album covers, psychedelic posters from the Big Five, and more), Nate's inspirations began to evolve.  He would take these psychedelic influences and experiences and mix them in with his past of hardcore/punk culture into a melting pot that would become his styling. Nate's college years were coming to an end, and with focusing on design and printmaking in college, knew it was time to make lift off on what he wanted to do with it all, clothing....

And so, thus The Moon Life (appropriately named after the name of an Alarmed track) made lift off and landed on planet earth in the summer of 2013 where they took residence in Baltimore, Md, but since have traveled again to their new home planet of Los Angeles, CA. Designed and hand screen printed in LA by Nate, each design is a creative outlet to share his extraterrestrial experiences with you. Coming from the Moon, we want to share with you how our life is back home, and connect through our cosmic threads.


The Moon Life's influences range from the obvious, cosmos and space and everything space exploration related... to the skateboarding and streetwear culture and punk/hardcore we grew up the jam bands and psych/rock n roll art we grew to love and appreciate.. to the sci-fi and fantasy and horror books/movies we indulge the pop art and classic poster artists...these are the cosmic threads that connect us.




Return Policy:

Since every design is produced by hand, in limited quantities and made affordable for you all, we do not allow returns/exchanges unless the product was received damaged. We do try to accommodate most requests for such, but just understand that since we are a small business, returns/exchanges are very costly for us.